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Meet Michael!


Needing to create some space from a demanding work schedule and unhealthy lifestyle, my mother encouraged me to start a yoga practice. Too intimidated to enter a yoga studio, I started practicing once a week by watching the P90x yoga video. It was a sweaty complete body workout that left me feeling amazing. Nine months later with some encouragement from friends I entered my first class at Balance Yoga in Forty Fort, PA. Organically my life started to change and improve.

A year later I started practicing several times a week at Mission Yoga in Scranton where I was influenced by Kelly Bedford and Alex Dubois to try the 200 hour training. I believes that yoga and meditation are pathways that gently guides you back to you. Along that pathway, you have the opportunity to work at being calm during temporary challenges and adversities. I trust and believes in the mantra, “it will all work itself out .”

Off the yoga mat you can find Me at Corelife eatery, the Atrium or the Café eating my favorite salads and enjoying some tea. (because I have never tasted coffee!)

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