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Meet Sean!

It’s hard for me to exactly place how I was originally introduced to yoga. Before settling into my Mission family since it’s inception, I can remember my first few classes with Melissa Russo over 10 years ago. Her classes and approach to yoga, were restorative, gentle, and accessible. In hindsight, my interests may not have lasted through my young adulthood if I wasn’t eased in to the practice so peacefully. I followed her weekly classes on and off from studios to church halls utilizing my time as meditatively and as calmly as possible. Like many who meditatively reflect in class, those practices helped me through many a tough time throughout my life as they STILL do this day 💛🙏🏻. In no way did I have an advanced asana yoga practice right out of the gate, but for the most part, I have always been eager, athletic, and flexibility fortunately had been gifted to me at a young age. I used to prance around my parents house on my hands with my legs wrapped behind my head as “the human pretzel”.😆🥨

I’m extroverted, humorous, and sociable-to sometimes a fault. My husband, Bill, calls me the “yes man”. Call me crazy, but nobody likes to have a good time more than me! I’ve been told I wear my heart on my sleeve. I’m a friend, a partner in crime, confidant, family man, animal lover, and attempt to live my best life as virtuously and as kindly as humanly possible without burning myself out (it happens often, we’re only human). I try to keep an optimistic outlook on life and pride myself on that these days because it’s far too often taken for granted. I love cooking/healthy eating, keep “fit”, and the outdoors and bodies of water are where I’m most at home.

I’m a dual citizen of Ireland and The United States as a first generation Irishman ☘️🇮🇪. My mother was born & raised in Ireland and came to the US years ago. Having kept her Irish citizenship to this day while being married to a US citizen, her children were given that benefit as a birthright.

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